20th Coca Cola Wake Your Body Women’s Running Gala
17 May 2015

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Race information

20th Coca-Cola Women’s Run - event information

Date: 17th May, 2015
Location: Városliget, Napozórét

Start/Finish: Városliget, Zichy Mihály Street

Start times and distances:
• 10:00 – 2.1K (individual and the 1st round of the event 10+5+2)
• 10:05 – 2.1K walk
• 11:00 – 5K (individual and the 2nd round of the event 10+5+2)
• 12:00 - 3×1.5K relay
• 13:00 - family run (700 m)
• 13:30 – 10K, 2-person 10K relay (4.2K+5.8K), 10K+5K, (individual and the 3rd round of the event 10+5+2)
You can choose the two longer individual events: 5K + 10K
• 5K – start time: 11:00
• 10K – start time: 13:30
You can choose all the three individual events: 2K + 5K + 10K
• 2K - start time: 10:00
• 5K – start time: 11:00
• 10K – start time: 13:30

Fitness programmes
There will be free 30-minute-long fitness programmes and warm-up sessions with stars on the stage set up on Napozórét.

Race center
Petőfi Csarnok, entrance from Zichy Mihály Street
Changing room, cloakroom, toilet
Petőfi Csarnok, entrance from Zichy Mihály Street
OPENING HOURS: 8:00-15:15
Valuables should not be deposited in the cloakroom!

Time limits:
• 10K - 1 hour 20 mins
• 5K - 40 mins
A sweep bus follows the runners at a steady 8 km/hour pace. If you are passed by the sweep bus, you have to get on the bus and you are not allowed to enter the finish area.

Pacer runners
There will be pacer runners to guide you along the way to the finish line in the 10K event.

Registration – fees and deadlines
• we can accept the registration of male family members for the family run
• for the 3X1.5K relay we can accept the registration of those teams which have no more than two male runners
registration on the internet: entry.budapestmarathon.com - deadline: 13th May
For further information about the online registration click here:

registration in person:
• on-site registration: from 8.30 on 17th May 30 minutes the latest before the start time of your event
Race number pickup:
In the race center from 8.30, 30 minutes the latest before your event starts

Categories, prizes
Prizes will be issued to the top 3 in the 10K and the 2-person 10K relay .

The 10K, the 2-person 10K relay, the 5K, the 10+5, the 10+5+2 and the 3×1.5K events are chip timed.

You can see the race results here: www.budapestmarathon.com in the evening on the day of the event, 17th May.

Prize Draw
All entrants participate in the prize draw after the medal ceremony, where they can win the presents of the sponsors.

Additional information
• Male runners can also enter the family run (700 m) and the 3X1.5K relay. There cannot be more than two male runners in the 3X1.5K relay team!
• Only women can enter all the other events.
• Participation in the event is open to any properly trained runner or wheelchair racer who has agreed to the standard terms and conditions.
• Wheelchair and handbike racers can start before the main field, but they have to agree with the race marshals about when they are allowed to pass the lead car.
• Any participant who folds or covers their race number, or does not wear the number clearly visible on the front of their running vest can get a 10-minute penalty.
• Any participant who has been warned several times and still not following the rules of wearing the race number can be disqualified. (Please wear your race number on your front without folding or covering it – it needs to be clearly visible at all times) Any participant who has intentionally shortened the route of the race marked by the organisers or has filled in the registration form with false data or inapproriately, or has used the chip in an inappropriate way can be disqualified.

It is NOT PERMITTED to listen to MP3 players or any other devices plugged into both ears, anyone breaking the rules can get a 10-minute penalty.
o There are race marshals on bikes or motorbikes or ambulance cars working during the event.
o When you use earphones, you are unable to hear noises from outside, so you might obstruct a runner who is trying to pass you or race marshals or members of the medical team.

You will get a penalty even if the race marshals are unable to notice or identify all runners who have broken the rules.
• Participants are not permitted to roller-skate, bike, run without a race number or run with a dog. Those attempting to run with a bicycle or roller-skate escort can be disqualified.
• We don’t guard your valuables during the event
• Any commercial or promotional activity should be permitted by BSI in advance, and it should be done in the way agreed with BSI.
• BSI reserves the right to limit the number of participants and close registration any time.
• BSI reserves the right to change the route, the programme and the date of the event.

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