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11 October 2015

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Palestinian and Israeli child running together in the 28th Spar Budapest Marathon

10 January 2014

Something outstanding happened on the 28th Spar Budapest Marathon last Sunday. Something what is worth to share with every runner around the World. A Palestinian and an Israeli Child was running together hand in hand through the Chain Bridge symbolising the essence of the sport and running itself, that there is no struggle among genders, religions or races. Budapest Marathon would like to ask you to please share this news with your readers, and with your runners

The 9 year old Palestinian and the 14 year old Israeli child was running the 20th km of the race as part of the UNICEF Charity Run, where 59 kids were representing 42 countries from all over the World and were running through the streets of the Hungarian Capital. Each child was running 1 km.

According to the previous acceptations record number of registration arrived to the 28th Spar Budapest Marathon®. 22 000 registration for all the distances. Out of these 4900 individual runners chose the 42 km. 2700 international runners arrived from 68 different countries.
Think Out of the Box, Run in Budapest! The Running Rubik Cube
István Kocza is a World Champion in blind folded Rubik Cube Fixing, and also a committed runner, who runs each year the Budapest Marathon in his self-made Rubik Cube costume. This year he finished in 4 hours 41 minutes, what is a nice result if you take into consideration that he is basically inside a box. (By the way did you know that the Rubik’s Cube was invented in Budapest by the Hungarian Ernő Rubik in the 70’s?)

Spar shopping trolley run with orphans
Zsolt Ivancsics, the Store Manager of one of the nicest Spar store in Budapest at Batthyány Square will run with a special shopping trolley. This is quite unique already, but that’s not all. Zsolt will push in his trolley four orphan during the course, one at a time.

Olympic Champions Running
For charity purposes Olympic champions were running too. Bulcsú Székely (Water Polo, 2000-Sydney), Attila Vajda (canoe, 2008-Beijing), István “Koko” Kovács (box, 1996-Atlanta) and three time Olympic champion legend Tibor Benedek (on the picture) (Water Polo 2000-Sydney, 2004-Athens, 2008-Beijing).

Results of the 28th Spar Budapest Marathon:
1. Gábor Józsa Gábor (HUN) 02:22:58
2. Tamás János Nagy (HUN) 02:26:44
3. Gábor Szabó (HUN) 02:32:56

1. Simona Juhász-Staicu (HUN) 02:42:26
2. Zsófia Erdélyi (HUN) 02:47:41
3. Tímea Merényi (HUN) 02:51:43

Budapest Marathon Video

9 January 2014

Have you seen this breathtaking video about the 28th Spar Budapest Marathon? The best parts are the air photos showing the beauty of the city with the running crowds.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2q3a4kWgGVc

Budapest is the 10th most popular city by photographers.

9 January 2014

Budapest is the 10th most popular city by photographers. The Top 10 cities of the World liked by photographers according to Google Panoramio:

1. New York
2. Rome
3. Barcelona
4. Paris
5. Isztanbul
6. Venice
7. Monte-Carlo
8. Florence
9. Buenos Aires
10. Budapest

Help seriously ill children with your achievment! Join The Troop of Philantropists and be a charity runner!

28 August 2013

Élménykülönítmény (The Troop of Philanthropists), the charity runners’ community of the Bátor Tábor Foundation (Camp of Courage Foundation), was founded to support children living with cancer and other serious diseases. The team members enter marathon and half-marathon races. With the performances they put to the test, they would like to call the attention of those living around them to the issue of children with diseases. The runners call upon their friends, relatives and colleagues to give help jointly: they offer the kilometres they cover during the races or the preparations for symbolic adoption – for even the price of a coffee or a cinema ticket.
Élménykülönítmény recruits charity runners for 13th October 2013 for the Spar Budapest Marathon and Marathon Relay. Join the team! Let’s heal disease together!
Apply or get more information at our website or write to us: elmenykulonitmeny@batortabor.hu .

Course Map

31 July 2013

You can check out the course map of the 28th Spar Budapest Marathon. The only marathon of the World wich leads through two UNESCO World Heritage Sights in the same race. This is something what you should see with your own eyes, and run with your own feet.

Metropol Breakfast Run Registration is Open

23 May 2013

Come and run a day before of the Spar Budapest Marathon to the City Park. The distance is 3,3 km. Start is at 9 am on the 12th October from the Square of ’56, next to the Heroes’ Square.

Looking for a good sleep in Budapest after and before the race?

26 February 2013

We are happy to inform you that we collaborate with a number of accommodation and
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Coming in a Group?
Like every year, we have always Special Group Offers with discounted rates at best Budapest hotels with transfers and a large variety of fun and sightseeing activities.

Cruise on the Danube with an elegant dinner,

Have a pasta party the evening before the race,

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Race Report about the 27th Spar Budapest Marathon

12 October 2012

All together 19 200 runners participated at the 27th Spar Budapest Marathon and Running Festival. Runners started from the Heroes’ Square, run through the World Heritage Andrassy avenue, crossed the Danube on the Chain Bridge, the first bridge in Hungary built above the Danube in the 1840’s. 4300 runners chose the 42 km individual race, and out of this 40% arrived from abroad, making the marathon a real international event. Counting all the distances 2650 international runners coming from 61 countries participated at Hungary’s biggest mass sport event. The biggest group came from France (400 runners) followed by the UK (300), and Italy (250).

In Budapest you could choose from a wide range of distances. Besides the individual 42 km, you could run in relay teams for 3 or for 5 people. Or individually 30 km, 7 km (Mini Marathon) or 3,5 km (Fun Run). The 1100 relay teams and the 30 km runners not only enjoyed their own run, but they also helped the marathon runners mentally with their presence.
A unique possibility in Budapest for those who want to run alone, but not quite ready for the marathon yet is the 30 km race. 850 sport men and women did that, and joined the race at the 12th km, and after running 30 km they finished the race at the same place, in the City Park, together with the marathon runners and relay teams.
„I loved it! The 30k distance was the perfect challenge for a half marathon runner who doesn't have the time or energy to go to whole distance! Will be back again and with my running buddies!” Joanna from the UK about the 30k unique distance at Budapest Marathon
For some the 42 km was not challenging enough so they chose to make it more interesting and run in costumes. You could see a UFO couple, a witch, a fire fighter with all his equipments, or a running Rubik Cube. This is interesting because of two reasons: the world famous Rubik Cube was invented by the Hungarian Ernő Rubik in the 70’s. Because of the enormous success around the World we can say it became a real Hungaricum. The other is that the man inside the cube (István Kocza) is a world record holder in Rubic Cube fixing. István has been running in Budapest Marathons since the 90’s but after becoming world champion with Rubic Cube, he decided to combine his two hobbies, the Rubic Cube, and the running. In the last 5 years he always runs inside his hand made, huge Rubic Cube.
The weather at the race was ideal, 17 C at the start, and cloudy. Later on the Sun came out from the clouds, but fortunately was still not too hot. The storm what was announced by the media before, only arrived after 4 pm, when the runners already sat at one of Budapest ’s nice bars, or rested their tired legs at one of the famous Thermal bathes.

1. Gábor Józsa (HUN) 2:21:06
2. Dániel Soós(HUN) 2:24:54
3. Tamás Nagy (HUN) 2:25:43

1. Tímea Merényi (HUN) 2:49:30
2. Andrea Szederkényi-Takács (HUN) 2:54:03
3. Judit Nagy Földingné (HUN) 2:56:49

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